Ghost Walk Dates
April 26th - Ghost Investigation
May 24th - June 14th

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The Corsicana Ghost walk is led by paranormal experts with years of experience in ghost hunting and investigating.  You will see a side of Corsicana few have witnessed.  

Join us for a  night walk through Downtown Corsicana accompanied by stories, anecdotes, history and experiences of the unexplained and unexpected.  Why did the owners of an antique shop come in one morning to find all the dolls in the store in a pile in the middle of the floor?  Was it a young spirit playing house?  How about the bridal exhibit that was always found in disarray in the morning.  A jilted bride?  Hear about the people in the basement of the Opry building that were touched on their shoulders when no one was there.  These and many more stories of the paranormal abound in the town of Corsicana.

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